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Do you have a project you completed with one of our blanks or items?  Would you like to showcase it to the friends of Thanagan?  If so we would enjoy adding you to our gallery of craftspeople and artisans.   And if you have a shop where you sell your items we would be happy to include a link.  Send your photos to [email protected]
JB from Warwick,RI is a first time bowl turner and made this great looking bowl for his Grandfather. A great job and really nice gift.  Blank 408
Kevin from Big Sur, CA
made some great looking Bowls.
    JL-Bowl404  Jay from Louisville, CO did a great job with Blank 404.  We really like the nice thin walls and the finish looks really stunning. Well Done.
 This Elephant Bowl is another awesome turning from Jay in Louisville, CO. It really looks perfect. Great job.
Made with Blank 432
 Jeff from Flora, MS shared this photo of his finished bowl, we think it looks awesome. It measures about 9" across and 3" deep.
Made with Blank 427
Another great bowl from Jeff in Flora, MS.  Notice how nice and thin his sidewalls are. Made with
our Crazy Collectic Blank 474
Another Bud Vase from Debbie in Spokane, WA.  We like the design of this piece.
Dave from Beaufort, SC carved this bowl using handheld power tools to get that unique hand carved look. We really like the way it came out.
Made with Blank 431.
 Steven from Lancaster, Ohio makes awesome Apple Pencil Cases from our custom blanks. Visit his shop on Etsy.
Jeff in Flora, MS made this awesome bowl from our Purpleheart Blank. It has great color.  Made with Blank 425
Another carving from Dave in Beaufort, SC. He carved this bowl using handheld power tools for that unique hand carved look. Real Nice.
Made with Blank 920.
Duane from Arizona made a couple of sharp looking pens and a sewing stiletto using our segmented pen blanks.
Great Job Duane.
 Jon Bowl #422
 Jon from Casa Grande, AZ made a beautiful bowl from our Jatoba and Hickory blank.  We think it came out great.  Jon is a Marine and Vietnam Veteran and we thank him for serving our country. Made with Blank 422  
 Jon Bowl #432
Another great bowl turning from Jon in Casa Grande, AZ. Nice Job, Jon.
This Eclectic Blank is made with assorted hardwoods.
Made with Blank 432
 Bill Bowl #470
Bill from Bremerton, Washington made this awesome bowl.  It has great thin walls and he took extra time making sure the finish was just perfect.
Great job.
Made with Blank 470
 Casey Bowl #429
Casey from New Albany, Ohio made this incredible bowl by slicing our blank, spinning each layer and re-gluing it.  So creative and a great looking bowl. Check more photos on the blank page.    
Made with Blank 429
Bill TX Bowl #474
  Bill from Amarillo, Texas made this great looking bowl using Blank 474. We really like the shape and smooth lines of this bowl.
Awesome and Nice Job Bill.
 Doug Bowl 435
Doug from El Cajon, CA took Blank 435 and turned it into this terrific looking bowl.  We really like the nice straight lines and thin walls.  Great job and thanks for sharing.
 Plate 924
 Another great finished piece from Bill from Amarillo, Texas.  Using Plate Blank 924 he turned this awesome looking platter / plate. We love the design and how well it is finished. Bill does some great work.
 Blank 396
 Josh from Apple Valley, CA did a terrific job turning this Black Walnut & Yellowheart bowl.  The bowl is about 7" across and 2" tall. He used Blank 396 to make the bowl. We really like the way it came out.
 Blank 402
 The way Josh from Apple Valley, CA finished this bowl really makes the Zebrawood and Peruvian Walnut pop. We love the simple lines letting the contrast of the wood shine.  Well done Josh, thank you for sharing.  He used Blank 402 to make this bowl.
 Debbie from Spokane, WA made this bud vase, candle holder or as she says piece of ART.  Her first true turning, Great Job Deb.
Made with Blank 729

 Michael Bowl 401
Michael from Traverse City, MI made this really awesome looking bowl from Blank 401. We love the nice clean lines of this bowl.

bowl 441
Tim from Prescott Valley, AZ made this great looking bowl using Blank 441. Great Job.


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