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Plate #924 - Segmented Stiped Plate Blank ~ 8" x 1 1/2" High ~ $22.99
Out Of Stock
Plate / Platter Striped
Segmented Turning Blank
Colorful ~ #924
SIZE:  8"  x  1 1/2" - Layered - Octagon Cut (saves turning time)
WOOD USED:  Purpleheart, Black Walnut, Zebrawood, Padauk & Maple - Kiln Dried

About this blank:
Thanagan plate blanks will produce really nice colorful plates and platters.  When finished with food safe wood conditioner the colors will really pop.   We have seen folks use them for plates, platters, cheese or vegetable trays and all sorts of other things.    The deep 1 1/2" will give you many options to size the depth of your finished plate or platter.

This plate blank is made with Maple, Black Walnut, Zebrawood, Purpleheart and Padauk.
The blank measures a solid 8" across and is a nice 1 1/2" high.  Dimensions are slightly under actual size.  We do Bill Plate 924this so you know what you are getting for a useful turning area once you round off the blank.  These blanks have been very popular at craft fairs and often purchased to make wedding presents.
Bill in Amarillo, TX turned this plate / platter using this blank. We love the way he got the colors to pop and how nice it is finished. We are sure it will be a cherished piece.  Great job Bill. 
To save you time and wear on your tools we have cut this blank into an Octagon, eight sides. So it is ready to go.  Also on one side we have marked the center and put a penciled circle so you can easily find the center and see the full size.

Thanagan premium woodworkers bowl turning blanks with your craftsmanship and creativity will give you a project that will be admired for years to come.
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